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Metabolic Maintenance products are formulated to give your patients the best results – and their results speak volumes.

Purity, Quality, Value, and Experience is why Metabolic Maintenance customers benefit greatly from the use of our products. We understand that our role in the healthcare industry is an important one and we continually look to our customers for feedback to enhance our products to improve and support their quality of health and wellness. Here is what some of our customers have to say.

Metabolic Maintenance Team
Metabolic Maintenance Customer Benefit


Aug 13, 2016

B-Complex Phosphorylated

No expedients. No additives. Purest form. Effective product. Fast coast-to-coast shipping. I'm happy with this product and will keep reordering.

By Joseph B.


Jan 2, 2015

Cal/Mag 1:2

I've am a healthcare provider and have been using metabolic maintenance for 6 years. I am always impressed with the service and knowledge of the Metabolic Maintenance team and I am always satisfied with my products.

By Maureen


Aug 10, 2015

Anxiety Control

Love the product! Using it for social anxiety and stress. It started working after only a few days as I felt calmer, less anxious when dealing with people that normally stress me (e.g. the boss). I've been on it now for 2 months and double up on the dose when faced with an upcoming event that causes me anxiety (e.g. a presentation). Starting my son on it now. Will update on how it goes.

By Angie


Feb 29, 2016

Metabolic Detox Complete

I use this product every day (most times in the morning). I normally put the serving size in a shake along with kale, blueberries, chia seeds, and non-dairy milk. It is perfect for a breakfast shake! Not only does it taste well, but it contains a bunch of vitamins and minerals, which keeps me regular (first time in 3 years!) and a lot of energy! I am never switching to another product and I definitely give this five stars!

By Kaitlyn L

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